Building Q of Campus Drie Eiken was the setting for our New Year’s reception this year. Almost a thousand of us raised our glasses to what 2024 will bring, while 20 highlights from 20 years of the University of Antwerp were displayed.

Every afternoon, around two thousand hungry staff members and students find their way to komida. ‘Strictly speaking, we are a mass-catering operation, but we make every effort not to be one’, notes the komida coordinator An Op de Beeck. Early one Monday morning, we donned an apron and hair cap and got to peek into the pots for half a day at komida Middelheim.

Soon you’ll only be able to log in to your UAntwerp account with multi-factor authentication (MFA). That means you’ll need to perform an extra step after entering your username and password. ‘This extra layer of security is absolutely needed. To avoid last-minute surprises, we recommend already activating the system right now,’ says the ICT Department.