Would you like to live more sustainably, but do you need that extra push? Then Green Impact is just the thing for you! For a whole year, you join a team commit to actions of your choice, from cycling to campus to eating vegan for a week. Check out the amazing results of the first edition of Green Impact.

On 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, our Middelheim Campus will be coloured orange. By doing so, our university shows its solidarity for the worldwide campaign against physical and sexual aggression towards women that starts on that day. For this occasion, we give the floor to three scientists who are fighting against sexual assault with their research.

The upcoming edition of the Fusion Show will for the first time be presented by three of our own researchers, who followed an intensive coaching programme. ‘The past few months have been quite an adventure. But once you’re on that stage, the stress melts away’, said one enthusiastic researcher turned presenter.

How do you create societal or economic added value with research? ‘More and more researchers are thinking about valorisation, but do not know how to go about this. That is what we are here for.’ Kris Asnong of Antwerp Valorisation & Development, Jurgen Joossens of the Valorisation Office and Professor Silvia Lenaerts, Vice-Rector for Valorisation, explain why and especially how our university wants to stimulate valorisation.

With the transition to the new UAntwerp house style, our merchandise was in need of a makeover. Various items with the new logo – from flash drives and ballpoint pens to teddy bears and cheerful socks – will soon be on sale. Sustainability, corporate social responsibility and creativity were top priorities in our search for a new supplier.

With a major prevention project, our university is focusing even more strongly on the mental well-being of its students. Truyken Ossenblok and Femme Swinnen from the Study Advice and Student Counselling Service are in charge of this project. And they want to involve as many colleagues as possible.

‘Impact on the world, connection, innovation and quality: these are our core values and we want to shine an extra spotlight on them’, says Rector Herman Van Goethem. This sharper focus also serves as the foundation for the new house style. A double interview with the rector and Elisabeth Vanhoutte, head of the Communications Department.