At the Culture Commons Quest Office (CCQO) at UAntwerp, researchers and artists from Belgium and abroad join forces to find sustainable employment and bottom-up solutions for the arts sector. Physiotherapist and researcher of rehabilitation sciences Kato Everaert sheds light on the cooperation with designer and researcher Annelys de Vet.

For the TURQUOISE research project, coordinator Jan Staes (Department of Biology), Jan Cools (Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development) and Steven Van Passel (Department of Engineering Management) joined forces. The project wants to find out how we can raise the groundwater levels in Flanders, and how we can implement the solutions sustainably.

In the TOTO project, Pieter Tieleman (Faculty of Design Sciences) and Patricia Van de Walle (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) join forces to design an affordable ankle foot orthosis for children in Madagascar, made of locally available materials. ‘It is of great importance to bring the right types of expertise together.’