In podcast-reeks ‘Profcast’ laten we elke week een professor van de Faculteit Bedrijfswetenschappen en Economie aan het woord. …

Using hospitals as distribution hubs initially seemed a logical choice for storage and distribution of vaccines. However, the increased workload for the hospital staff and an increased risk of losing vaccines must be taken into account. The Think Tank Vaccine Distribution looked into different scenarios.

Research from a think tank of professors and experts suggests that the vaccination of the Belgian population should be carried out through larger, professional and centrally controlled vaccination centers. They propose setting-up some 70 centers, instead of the 200 centers proposed by the government.

A think tank of professors from the University of Antwerp and industry experts has focused on the logistical organization for the distribution of the corona vaccines. After consulting with logistics parties, courier companies, non-profit organizations, international logistics experts and pharmaceutical companies, they have noted four main observations that are important for both the COVID19 vaccine distribution and immunization campaigns.