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Research column: “during the past four years, something magical happened”

Three months after her PhD defense on the topic of decentralized energy systems, Iolanda Saviuc took a moment to reflect on her PhD process. She became curious about the connection that people who did a PhD share and wondered what is behind this connection. In her research column she compares her PhD journey with the the classic divide between ‘hedgehogs’ and ‘foxes’, people knowing one thing and in-depth, and people knowing many things, not in-depth.

On the winners and losers of the Corona crisis: a K-shaped recovery

The pandemic has a very unequal impact on different industries, companies and individuals. A part of the economy quickly recovers, and sometimes even performs better than ever (big tech firms for example), while other industries do not recover at all (tourism for example). This blog is a summary of the ‘Corona & Onze Economie: Wat Nu?’ lecture, hosted by student association Wikings NSK and alumni organisation Alechia VZW.

Back to the 50ies! About retro mobility, retro logistics and retro shopping…

Today, there are many innovative projects on logistics, mobility, car use and local commerce organised in governments. But are we really talking about innovations? or are we talking about retro mobility, retro logistics and retro shopping? We are convinced the next decade will be defined by the reintroduction of many customs from the ’50s and ’60s.

Joris Beckers and Arnaud Adam win Mercator-Ortelius prize 2020

The University of Antwerp is proud to announce Arnaud Adam and Joris Beckers as the winners of the triennial Mercator-Ortelius Prize 202. With their thesis, both authors make an original contribution of high scientific quality to a relevant social and economic theme.

shop local

The local shop as the winner of COVID-19?

The COVID-19 crisis offers a great opportunity for your local bakery, specialized retailer or grocery store. The obligatory closure of physical shops forced many of them to finally set up a webshop while consumers had to move online to purchase products. Joris Beckers (UAntwerp) explains why entrepreneurs should now benefit from the efforts made and professionalize their online channel.


Governments need to set up task forces to organize the COVID19 vaccine distribution

A think tank of professors from the University of Antwerp and industry experts has focused on the logistical organization for the distribution of the corona vaccines. After consulting with logistics parties, courier companies, non-profit organizations, international logistics experts and pharmaceutical companies, they have noted four main observations that are important for both the COVID19 vaccine distribution and immunization campaigns.

“With Sustalab, we accelerate awareness and facilitate sustainable action”

Sustalab, short for sustainability lab, is a learning, leadership and consultancy for good initiative.  The dynamic team of students and alumni use hands-on management methods and self-developed tools to facilitate sustainable change among companies, sector federations and the Flemish government.

Yanou Ramon Doctoral Day

Yanou Ramon wins Best Paper Award at the Doctoral Day

Yanou Ramon won this year’s “Best Paper Award” for her paper on “Metafeatures-based explanations for prediction models on big behavior data”. The Award Committee selected her paper during the first virtual edition of the Doctoral Day.

These 4 students won the Pierre Wildiers award with their Master’s thesis

This year, 4 students of the Faculty of Business and Economics won the Pierre Wildiers award for best thesis in 2019. The winners were selected based on three criteria: scientific quality of the Master’s thesis, academic language and newsworthiness of the findings. Each of the students are awarded with the prestigious title and a money prize of 1.250 €.

PhD in 1 minute: Danny Sandra

Danny Sandra obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Business and Economics (UAntwerp). In one minute, he explains why entrainment is relevant for organisations and how the model of spiritual leadership can influence this process.

UAntwerp researchers develop a new transport Chain Cost model

Researchers of the University of Antwerp – Faculty of Business and Economics developed a transport model that allows the calculation of the cost of different transport chains. Find out more in this short movie starring Prof. Edwin van Hassel.

Revisit the first digital ‘Corona-proof’ Urban Logistics Summer School

On Friday 21 August 2020, the very first digital ‘Corona-proof’ Urban Logistics Summer School 2020 took place. The event was organised by the Department of Transport and Regional Economics TPR. Prof. Roel Gevaers moderated an online discussion on ‘Best Practices & Applied Policies for Urban Logistics.