In the TOTO project, Pieter Tieleman (Faculty of Design Sciences) and Patricia Van de Walle (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) join forces to design an affordable ankle foot orthosis for children in Madagascar, made of locally available materials. ‘It is of great importance to bring the right types of expertise together.’

Disposable is out, reusable is in. People are buying cloth vegetable bags, metal drinking bottles and glass containers to reduce their carbon footprint. But just buying new products will not get us there. Our behaviour has to change as well, and that appears to be easier said than done. According to research by ‘The Reuse Lab’ at the University of Antwerp, implementing smart design can help.

In mid-October, the Conservation-Restoration programme hosted IAQ2020, a virtual conference on indoor air quality. The fourteenth edition of the conference, IAQ2020 welcomed participants from all over the world and was organised completely differently from previous years. The five-day online event was put together by four colleagues in the Faculty of Design Sciences.