Every year, Black Friday kicks off the busiest and most crucial period for webshops and parcel players.
Researchers at the University of Antwerp conducted a sample about the functioning of parcel logistics and the broader eCommerce ecosystem. The questions were mainly situated around pain points within the parcels market, possible fraud by consumers, problems with delivery quality and modalities and abuse of returns.

In podcast-reeks ‘Profcast’ laten we elke week een professor van de Faculteit Bedrijfswetenschappen en Economie aan het woord. …

The current problems of the parcel industry were unfortunately clearly written in the stars. The business model of the webshops and distributors has reached its limits. A lot can be learned from the airline industry, but consumers too will have to become more aware of the challenges the e-commerce parcel market faces.

The COVID-19 crisis offers a great opportunity for your local bakery, specialized retailer or grocery store. The obligatory closure of physical shops forced many of them to finally set up a webshop while consumers had to move online to purchase products. Joris Beckers (UAntwerp) explains why entrepreneurs should now benefit from the efforts made and professionalize their online channel.