“You only truly experience what it’s like to start a business once you dive in”

Pieter Uytterlinde obtained his master’s degree in Organisation and Management in 2012. Recently, he created a new dating platform, called Date A Mate.

“After my studies I worked for the Senate and for the NGO ArmenTekort. In 2015 I founded my first company, a food truck concept. About 4 years later I sold that business but I am still proud of the concept I launched back then. Now I combine part-time teaching with creating and marketing new concepts. ”

Starting a business

“I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial. I love working systematically and giving something my all. I also like starting up my own projects and find it challenging to see whether something works or not.”

“During my student days, I was already fairly disciplined. I enjoyed student life a lot but if there was a class at 8.30 am, I was there every single time. Even after a night out.”

“In the Master of Organisation and Management, you get a thorough insight into how a company works and which external influences are at play. That gave me the theoretical background I needed. But you only truly experience what it’s like to start a business once you dive in – with ups and downs. ”

Date A Mate

Date A Mate was created because I was looking for Mrs. Right myself but I was not sure where to look. I was on Tinder, did some speed dating, … but it was never my cup of tea. Something was missing, and I am not the only one who feels that way. There are so many singles out there looking for a relationship. That group only seems to be getting bigger.

“I noticed that people in my environment only realized what was wrong with their relationship after they broke up. I believe that, if people are more self-aware and have more insight into their partner preferences, they will make better choices early on.”

I started doing research about what science says about partner choices and partner preferences. What makes a person satisfied in his or her relationship? Which factors play a role in achieving this?

Dating platforms, Tinder for example, usually focus on looks and appearance. This might work in the short term, but not in the long term. At Date A Mate, singles follow an e-learning / webinar, after which they complete several scientific questionnaires. After that, they have access to a matching platform and eventually get to do activities in a matched group or in duo.

“Scientific research indicates that speed dating and online dating models over-stimulate the brain. As a result, people tend to look more at looks. ”

Entrepreneurial spirit

Recently graduated and entrepreneurial by nature? Here are some of Pieter’s tips.

“Try to be creative and position yourself in the market as a niche. Don’t get discouraged, show character and perseverance. Listen to people with real experience. In conclusion, just go for it but be sensible! ”

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