“We created a plan to further develop corporate social responsibility”

Alumna Marieke Versteeg-Cobussen is Innovation Coach and Project Manager at Greenhouse, an online marketing agency in Eindhoven. In 2013 she obtained her Master’s degree in Organisation and Management at the University of Antwerp.

Pressure cooker

The Master of Organisation and Management gave me the opportunity to learn a lot in just one year. I took a risk, quit my job at the time and moved to Antwerp. I often compare the Master’s programme to a pressure cooker: you get a lot of new knowledge and practical experience at a high pace. I learned to analyse situations and to think on my feet. That is something that I apply in my day-to-day job, as the pace is also very high.

Social initiative

At the moment, I am responsible for setting up  new products and services, and for stimulating innovation within the organisation. In addition, I recently set up a social initiative within Greenhouse. Together with my colleagues, we created a specific plan to further develop corporate social responsibility. With Greenhouse Cares, we want to help children, students and startups achieve their social and green goals by harnessing the power of marketing. ”

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