Three alumni Business Engineering: Management Information Systems, three jobs, one company

What do Jan, Sören and Lien have in common? All three are alumni Business Engineering: Management Information Systems at the University of Antwerp. All three work at The Master Labs. But they have very different jobs.

Jan graduated in 2002. He is co-founder of The Master Labs, a consultancy and training company that helps other companies in their digital transformation; and The Master Channel, an online training platform. “My job is very diverse, ranging from business development and HR to marketing and management. Fortunately, I have a strong team that I can rely on. Together, we have been building this company for over 10 years now. I am proud to say that we are still growing, even on an international level. ”

Sören graduated in 2013 and is Operations Manager at The Master Labs. He supports the managers and is responsible for a number of consultancy and coaching projects.”

Lien started working at The Master Channel as a Product Manager in 2019, after finishing her studies. “I monitor the strategy, roadmap and quality of The Master Channel. I interact with customers, think about marketing campaigns, manage product data, and so on. I am also a trainer at The Master Labs Academy. ”

Added value of the study in your work?

Sören: “HIB was the ideal preparation for my current job. The study programme covered a wide range of topics about Management Information Systems, business and economics. I still use the content of certain courses such as Service-Oriented Architecture on a daily basis. ”

Lien: “I completely agree. As a HIB graduate you can combine your knowledge in technology and computer science with economics and management skills.”

Your first job?

Jan: “It was quite easy to find a job after graduating. Outside the regular study hours, I did study software development independently. That may have given me an advantage, although all my fellow graduates found a job quickly. ”

Lien: “It’s no secret that HIB students are in popular demand on the labor market. The challenge is to find the job that suits you best.”

Sören: “Early on in my student trajectory, I came into contact with various companies through my student association, Imbit, and Talent Forum. The hardest part was choosing which job I wanted to do and whether I wanted to work for a small or big organization. In retrospect, I definitely made the right choice with The Master Labs. ”

Best memory of your student days?

Jan: “I often think back to springtime at the university. The courtyard of Hof van Liere was always filled with students, you could really feel the spring fever. ”

Lien: “For me personally, the International Consulting Boot Camp in India was the absolute highlight. I learned to work in an international culture and it was just a fantastic experience in general. ”

Sören: “Every year, some of my fellow alumni and I go to PizzaHut for the pizza buffet. This tradition started in university, when we had a couple of hours to kill between classes. And now, many years later, it is still nice to reminisce together and see which paths everyone has taken in their lives.”

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