Academic Cooperation Association

The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) has become the leading European think-tank with a focus on higher education policy and, in particular, international higher education cooperation (and competition).

Created in 1993, ACA is a Brussels-based umbrella association of 24 national organisations from 18 European countries, and associate members in North America, Australia and Mexico, that support international cooperation in higher education, policy development and international student mobility.

ACA pursues its core mission – promoting innovation and internationalization in higher education – through a wide range of activities: studies, evaluations and publications, international conferences and seminars, advocacy, and networking between members and with important government and civil society organisations.

ACA’s expertise ranges from mobility to many more themes linked to the European higher education discourse and agendas (curricular internationalization, system-level innovation, access to higher education and services for international students, quality assurance, the role of ICT in fostering knowledge, and the positioning of European higher education globally).

Since its landmark study EURODATA (2006), ACA has produced a number of relevant studies on mobility (such as MOWIN, STiME, MPPC). ACA has also produced 3 major studies on English-medium instruction in Europe.