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About Global Pen Friends

The Global Pen Friends project allows students to correspond with each other across continents on global development topics. The most inspiring letters get published on this blog. 

The University Foundation for Development Cooperation (USOS) supports a network of six higher education institutes. This project is one of the concrete achievements of the network to engage students in an in-depth dialogue. 

Partners involved

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  • Based in Belgium
    • Frida Baldeon Miranda
    • Janus Verrelst
    • Jill Coene
    • Jim Mayua
    • Julie Roelandt
    • Jorge Hersschens
    • Karst van Zwet
    • Lena Van Meensel
    • Micha Cole
    • Naomi Vleugels
    • Nastasia Popowycz
    • Patricia Velarde
    • Sara Kiebooms
    • Stiene Praet
    • Tair Kasztan Flechner
    • Yasmien Naciri
  • DR Congo
    • Ancert Mushagalusa
    • Armande Nabami
    • Daniel Tenda
    • Divin-Luc Bikubanya
    • Francine Iragi
    • Landrine Shukuru
  • India
    • Devanshi Saxena
  • Nicaragua
    • Alder M. Contreras
    • Katherine Centeno Saravia
    • Mirian Orellana